Tytonical enables omnichannel personalisation
for bricks and mortar retail.

Providing solutions for retailersdata providersconsumers

The current data economy is broken. Users are held to ransom in handing their consent to personal data over to businesses who increasingly cannot use that data in any meaningful way.

Tytonical offers a solution for both the consumer and the retailer. We believe in giving consumers control over their data – a consent management platform for users and then providing the technology to facilitate the exchange of fully consented, GDPR compliant data to retailers who are armed with our personalisation software tools to activate this data in a way which delivers superior experiences to consumers.

We are a consent driven business.

We believe that EU data regulations (such as GDPR) & growing US regulations (such as CCPA) have largely failed to solve the real issues around data consent and consumer data management. This has resulted in increasingly poor experiences as consumers are bombarded with increasingly vague consent messages (cookie notifications etc) and instilled fear in retailers for the usage of this data.


The Tytonical personalisation engine provides solutions to 3 stakeholders

Solutions for Retailers
Personal Data Activation

Using consented data to forge transparent consumer relationships

Solutions for Data Providers
Facilitating Data Exchange

Empowering your users to activate their data on their terms

Solutions for Consumers
Consent Management Interface

Allows you as a consumer to take control of your personal data


Tytonical has been built to
address the following issues…

82% of all retail shopping in the UK is done offline – however this is declining and retailers need to react

86% of UK consumers want control of their data – with 56% of consumers regarding their personal data as an asset that they can use to their advantage in data exchanges with organisations

$274bn the forecast global revenues for big data and business analytics solutions by 2022 – with retail industry spend growing at 15.2% CAGR

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