Tytonical enables millions of consumers to use their existing apps to pay for fuel, food, tolls, and parking automatically using their license plate.

Providing solutions for retailersappsconsumers

Why is it that half the time it takes to refuel your car is spent making the payment?

Tytonical offers a solution for consumers, application providers and the retailer.

We are a consent driven business.

We believe that EU data regulations (such as GDPR) & growing US regulations (such as CCPA) have largely failed to solve the real issues around data consent and consumer data management. This has resulted in increasingly poor experiences as consumers are bombarded with increasingly vague consent messages (cookie notifications etc) and instilled fear in retailers for the usage of this data.


The Tytonical pay-by-plate engine provides solutions to 3 stakeholders

Solutions for Retailers
Frictionless Pay by plate payments

Double the potential throughput of your existing systems and drive deeper engagement with your customers.

Solutions for Consumer Apps
Extended utility

Increase ARPU by providing a turnkey solution with a simple SDK integration.

Solutions for Consumers
Frictionless experiences using existing apps

No new apps to download, no gadgets to install and you don’t need the latest BMW. Drive up, Fuel up, Drive Off – Pay-by-Plate.


Tytonical has been built to
address the following issues…

82% of all retail shopping in the UK is done offline.

86% of UK consumers want control of their data – with 56% of consumers regarding their personal data as an asset that they can use to their advantage in data exchanges with organisations

$230bn the size of connect car commerce market.

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