Auto check-in at Hotels

Tytonical provides the following benefits to hotels
Frictionless user experience
Parking is automatically validated
Expedite the check-in
Fully consented user data
Automatic notifications

Tytonical introduces Auto check-in at hotels

Validate booking
Guests are validated on arrival with their check-in information.
Provision digital key
Guests are automatically and securely issued a digital key on arrival.
Skip / Expedite check-in
Guests simply park and either go straight to their room, or use the check-in desk as a welcome point rather than filling in paperwork.

How it works

Hotel guests arrive and their parking is automatically validated with their existing booking.

Additionally this triggers the provision of a digital key within their Hotel app allowing them to skip/expedite the check-in process.

Upon check-out the customer simply leaves and the digital key is decommissioned and housekeeping notified that the room is available for cleaning.


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