How do you create offline experiences which truly surprise and delight consumers?

How do you get consumers to freely give you the data you need in order to craft products and experiences which meet and exceed their needs? How do consumers manage their personal data? These are the questions we set out to answer when Tytonical was formed.

The answer to these questions we needed to enable a complete, fully consented, data ecosystem for three key stakeholders, namely retailers, app providers, and end consumers.

Solutions for Retailers
Frictionless payments

How do you double the potential throughput of your existing assets? You remove the step that adds little to no value to the customer experience – the process of payment.

How do you activate fully consented data in your consumer database to forge relationships with your end consumer driving brand affinity and repeat purchases? How do you deliver on your aspirations of true omnichannel personalisation?

We develop magical offline shopping experiences using data explicitly given by consumers, our data governance framework and changing the consumer management platform from being retailer driven to being consumer driven.

Solutions for Data Providers
Extended Utility

How do you drive additional revenue for every one of your users without developing and managing additional functionality? Does more utility drive stickiness of your experiences?

Our simple SDK integration can provide you with a turnkey solution to immediately increase revenues and customer satisfaction.

Empower your users to activate their data – on their terms. This is not about selling personal data, it is about data compensation and facilitating the data exchange between data purchasers and data providers within a data governance framework which is consumer focused.

Solutions for Consumers
Frictionless payments using your existing apps

Drive up, Fuel up, Drive off: Pay-by-Plate

No new apps to download, no gadgets to install, and your don’t need to drive the latest BMW – all you need is a license plate.

Additionally, we have a consent management interface for consumers personal data. Where consumers can manage their data permissions, their data remunerations, and fine tune the product recommendation engine.

Interested? Let’s chat about how our technology can help you.