Drive-Thru Payments

Tytonical provides the following benefits to fast food chains
Frictionless user experience
The system remembers their previous order
No need for payment collection
Streamline purchase experience
No queues

Tytonical enhancesDrive Thru payments to streamline your purchase experience.

Frictionless user experience
Tytonical automatically identifies the user and matches them to their data profile.
Recall previous orders
Identifying the consumer enables a focussed ordering experience and ability to deploy dynamic product suggestions.
Reduced staffing requirement
No need for payment collection as Tytonial automatically matches the user to their profile.

How it works

A new user drives up to a fast food drive thru.

Tytonical identifies the user and matches them to their data profile, including payment details. A notification is sent to the user making them aware that their data is being used and confirming the payment details.

Dynamic screens at the ordering point can greet the user by name. The user orders a burger *no pickles and a soft drink.

The transaction is billed to the users payment details and they simply collect their order and leave. On second order, the user returns and has the same experience however this time the dynamic screens display their previous order, remembering “no pickles”, to streamline their purchase experience.


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