Enhanced Click & Collect

Tytonical provides the following benefits to retailers
Frictionless user experience
Notifications to retailer that consumer has arrived
Driving affinity, & repeat usage
No queues
Improved operational efficiency.

Enhanced Click & Collect with improved operational efficiency.

Driving affinity
Frictionless click & collect experience becomes a competitive advantage.
Repeat usage
Increased affinity encourages repeat usage.
No queues
Improved operational efficiency.

How it works

A user orders an item to click and collect in store.

The user drives to the store, Tytonical identifies the user and matches them to their data profile. Two notifications are sent:

(i) to the user making them aware that their data is being used, and (ii) to the retailer notifying them that the consumer has arrived and that they should get their package ready for collection.

By the time the user has got to the collection point, their order is ready and waiting for them.


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